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Vape Crepe by Ruthless - 60ml

  • $ 1599

Ruthless has done it again... introducing Vape Crepe!  How do you make your favorite dessert even better?  Roll it in a freshly made warm crepe... vapers that love breakfast flavors have never had it this good!

Strawberry Banana:

Fresh and ripe real strawberries, creamy bananas rolled into a warm crepe.  Fresh crepe with subtle hints of strawberry and banana on the inhale, full bodied strawberry and creamy banana on the exhale... mouth watering!

Chocolate Hazelnut: 

Nutella on a freshly made warm crepe... what's not to like?  All you Nutella fans out there rejoice, your favorite chocolate and hazelnut spread can now be vaped!  For all you folks that have never tried Nutella... shame on you!  


VG/PG: 70/30



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