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Phillip Rocke - 30ml

  • $ 1399

The "category killer" has done it again.   Master mixologist Phillip Rocke nails each one of these flavors in a very scary way.  Every sensation is impossibly replicated... the only difference is that you're not chewing this stuff!

The Soda:

A fizzy burst of cola pop, filled with cherry chunks and a refreshing plush of grenadine.

The Gum:

An OG pink bubblegum with a sweet sugar burst on the exhale. 

Home Slice:

Deliciously sweet lemon meringue pie!  Lemon flavored inhale with a sweet, caramel exhale.

Enter the Dragon Iced:

Menthol strawberry sweet peach with a fresh kick. 


VG/PG: 80/20



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