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The DOODE RDA by Squidoode

  • $ 4999

The DOODE RDA was created by a gentleman by the name of Ryan, better known within the community as Squidoode.  Squidoode, is well known for his highly advanced builds and is the originator of many techniques used today by nearly every builder to create these works of art.  Squidoode is an asset to the community and has helped so many aspiring builders through his YouTube channel that hosts tutorials from basic to highly advanced techniques.  The DOODE RDA is a manifestation of his many years of experience as each RDA he built on posed some challenge or limitation.  His goal with The DOODE RDA is to provide an RDA that is highly versatile that in the end, will let builder's imaginations run rampant as they learn that previous limitations or no longer with The DOODE RDA.  

A 24mm barrel diameter ensures space for those larger builds.  A unique and infinitely adjustable airflow system provides airflow to the coils from both the sides and below due to the bottom side secondary airflow's angle cut out within the barrel.  Where the real innovation starts is at the posts... by using a unique collet post assembly, and with the provided variations that accommodate virtually any size build, the coils are secured through the top of the posts and are clamped down evenly 360° around.  This provides perfect conductivity and fastens the coils in securely.

Finally, The DOODE RDA, although designed with builder in mind, is a perfect RDA for everybody... beginner and master builder alike.  This isn't one of those RDA's that is only made to stick the biggest baddest build in it... it is also designed for intense flavor, and thus, the perfect all-around RDA.

Product Features:

  • 24mm Diameter / 22.75mm Build Deck
  • 11mm ID Wide Bore Recessed Delrin Drip Tip
  • Standard 510 Connection w/Gold Plated Screw
  • Peek Insulators
  • Unique "Collet Post Assembly" Build Deck
    • Small 1.3mm
    • Medium 1.9mm (2 Sets)
    • Large 2.4mm
    • XLarge 3.0mm
  • Gold Plated Brass Posts / Inserts / Nuts
  • Airflow
    • Both Airflows Adjust Together w/Infinite Adjustment
    • Horizontal Airflow Holes
    • Air Slit Below Main Airflow Hole For Under-Coil Air Movement


  • 1x The DOODE RDA 
  • 1x Doode Wrench
  • 10x Collet Inserts
    • 2x Small
    • 4x Medium
    • 2x Large
    • 2x X-Large
  • 1x Spare O-Rings Pack

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